We’re so glad you’re here. 

No doubt, just waiting out the time til you next get in the ocean (either that, or you’re our mothers checking up on us, in which case ‘Hi!’).

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Everything on Surface Intervals is from our dive experiences, at the age and experience of the time. So don’t expect hard facts, or take for granted that if we say one place is the best dive spot in the world, it in fact, is. 

We may just have been having good day.

Kristy at Carolyn, Egypt 2013

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Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand – March 2017

Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand – March 2017

Poor Knights Islands is a group of islands that sits off the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island. Designated a marine reserve, it’s home to many creatures, large and small. If you’re really lucky, you could encounter a whale shark – as they did the week before we...

Tofo – February 2015

You may recall that in June last year Carolyn and I went to Lady Elliot Island for our birthdays. During this trip we went to an evening talk on Manta Rays that was presented by Dr. Fabrice Jayne (aka; Dr Hottie). He told us not only about Mantas, but also about an...

Nelson Bay, NSW – October 2014

Nelson Bay, NSW – October 2014

For a long weekend getaway, you really don’t want to be travelling more than 2-3 hours. So from Sydney, Nelson Bay is right in the right spot if diving is on your list of activities. If you hit a good run with traffic (which we did), it’s about 2 1/2 hours north of Sydney – and has the bonus of being slightly warmer than heading south.

North Stradbroke Island, Australia – July 2014

North Stradbroke Island, Australia – July 2014

Just 3 days for a dive trip, for a second I contemplated if it was worth lugging my dive gear and the camera equipment all the way to North Stradbroke Island. Pffft, of course it was! Any opportunity to get in the water, especially with the added draw card of Whale...

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So we don’t forget the amazing places we’d like to go, even if life distracts us from diving for years