We’re so glad you’re here.Β 

No doubt, just waiting out the time til you next get in the ocean (either that, or you’re our mothers checking up on us, in which case ‘Hi!’).

Our travels

Everything on Surface Intervals is from our dive experiences – so don’t expect hard facts, or take for granted that if we say one place is the best dive spot in the world, it in fact, is.Β  We may just have been having good day.


Diving the Red Sea is brilliant. And from the Egyptian side, the cultural experience on land is equally as interesting.

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Our home turf. And within that ,the East Coast is our bias – for now, purely because that’s as far as we’ve got!

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New Zealand

New Zealand, Carolyn’s homeland.

A country so famous for its above-water beauty, it stands to reason that that under the water is just amazing.

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Pacific Islands

A bit of a diverse bucket to lump together, but some great, and relaxing diving to be had – from Fiji to Papua New Guinea, Cook Islands to Solomon Islands.

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If you’ve never thought to dive Malaysia, think again. From Borneo to the Perhentian Islands, there’s plenty to be seen.

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An African land far far away, filled with sunshine, warm water and plentiful amounts of marine life. 

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So far we’ve tried Palawan, but other areas of this vast set of islands is calling!

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Where to even start – from the Gili Islands to Raja Ampat, it’s all amazing

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Poor Knights Islands – March 2017 – Gallery

A lovely weekend out with Yukon Dive - diving the fabulous topography of a New Zealand marine reserve.

Rainbow Warrior – March 2017 – Gallery

A day out on the water off Matauri Bay - diving on the wreck of Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior, and on a local reef of the Cavalli Islands.

Vanuatu, NY 2017 – Gallery

New Year 2017's getaway was to the pacific island of Vanuatu.

Sydney, Summer 2017 – Gallery

Summer means it's time to pack the car and get out and about to our local dive spots:
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