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Diving Since: July 2010

Qualification: PADI Rescue, Nitrox & Deep specialties

Dives: 400+

Gear: Atomic, Mares, Tusa, Light & Motion, Suunto

Favourite Destination: Indonesia

Best Diving: Papua New Guinea

New toys are very exciting

I have been working in the adventure travel industry for 12 years, but it was only 3.5 years ago that a friend of mine in Cairns convinced me to give scuba diving a go. To be honest I was more excited about spending 3 days on a boat in the sunshine than learning to dive. I had done a few intro dives over the years, but I didn’t think it was for me. I had never liked that I didn’t properly understand why or how it all worked. I soon found out that this was symptom easily cured with a good instructor, tropical water and a ton of new fishy friends all eager to meet me!!

Today I spend my spare time dreaming of the next dive destination, comparing gear and what I want to add to my collection next, or pestering my friends as to who should take leave from their city lives to escape to palm trees and sunshine with me! And just in case I don’t have enough inspiration of my own I work weekends at a dive shop here in Sydney. Our regular divers come in and tell me all about their mornings dive or latest trip. I get to sample the latest gear on the shelf and also make use of boat or shore dives when I can, and I get to learn and get advice from the instructors and people with more experience than me.

I am extremely luck to have employment in both the travel and dive industry. I will never be rich, but both industries sure have their perks! I try and get away on a holiday every 3 months or so. Indonesia is my favorite dive destination. It doesn’t necessarily have the best diving but as an overall place to visit it’s amazing. Good accommodation, good food, friendly people and super cheap!! If not for the last point I wouldn’t have done half the diving I have. Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands have the best diving that I have experienced. However due to their remoteness the resorts have to charge western prices, and due to safety issues village guesthouse accommodation isn’t recommended.

When you dive as much as I do some people think that you might be a little bit soft in the head, or just plain cray-cray. In fact if I didn’t dive this might be closer to the truth. For me diving is a relaxant, like meditation. My breathing slows down, I’m weightless, no one can talk to me, I can’t hear my phone or check my emails, and for a short 80 minutes I am at one with my fishy friends and the stresses of work and study are a distant memory. Sounds pretty wanky right? I would have thought the same thing once upon a time, but unfortunately words just don’t explain the feeling well enough.

I hope that this website will give my non diving family and friends a better understanding of what I do when I’m on my underwater holidays, or at the very least be a vehicle to remove all my diving stuff from my facebook feed, it will look so sparse! And possibly give some of my diving friends a good recommendation or perhaps help inspire their next dive trip.