We love life under the sea, and when we’re above the sea we love videos and pictures of life under the sea.

And adding to our fun dive gear.

So, being birthday month and all, we thought ‘what better addition to birthday trip than underwater camera-ness?’.

Now, we’re not made of money, so how handy it was that our lovely friends had bought both Kristy and I cameras for our 30th birthday, so we have a spare – thanks friends! It’s the gift that just keeps on giving!

camera housing

The nicest addition to my work desk in ages

A quick Google found the ideal housing for our Canon IXUS (an ikelite ultracompact – which is ace, ’cause check out ikelite’s logo below, cute), and a few days later it was in our hot little hands, yay!

So now we’re all ready for Lady Elliot Island – and to bring you pictures back!

The only thing that could go wrong now is my lack of hand/focus coordination. Wish me luck!

underwater camera

All ready!