Our final destination of Egypt escape 2013 was Dahab, site of Egypt’s Blue Hole (not to be confused with that of Belize).

We stayed with Big Blue Dahab, right on the main promenade of Dahab.

The Blue Hole was cool – the entry down Bells, a semi-closed elevatorshaft-like tunnel. There wasn’t as much (large) fish to see up in Dahab – being away for the open water of the Red Sea proper, they were a bit scarce. The landscape was good though, interesting corals, tunnels, cracks etc.

And of course, a deep hole was bait for freedivers. Those crazy kids were set up in the middle of the hole, chasing a line down as deep as they could go on a single breath.

And then finally came the big day – Birthday Day! And the final day of our Egypt diving. (Sad face). As a special birthday treat, an octopus finally decided to say hello. I’d been telling our guide, Mohab, for the past 2 days that he needed to find me an octopus, and sure enough, halfway through the dive, he grabbed my arm and guided me off to see an octy-friend. Happy happy day.



Waterfront Dahab is really nice, it’s a promenade that has seaside restaurants lining the shore. When we visited it was slightly sad though, as due to the internal conflict in Egypt there few tourists, so everywhere was empty and the restaurant mangers were clearly struggling to get people in. Once one restaurant had a table of people, everyone else followed them (since not many people like to be in an empty restaurant) to the detriment of all the other businesses. The slump also impacted building – all around the town was evidence of a one time building boom, which stopped before many projects were completed. I hope trade has picked up now, the people were lovely and hardworking and deserve to have good things come their way.

pps. on our final, dry day, we used the pool facilities of a nearby resort. Jenni, who been to the resort earlier to check if it would be okay to do, thought she’d seen a guy we’d met the year before in Coron. And you know what, she was right!  While in the pool who should turn up but our friend Gaetan – who’d only arrived in Dahab an hour before, while we were due to leave in an hour’s time. Yay! Diving really is such a small world.