Do we really need any more gear? Of course we do!!

Working weekends in a dive shop certainly has its perks. They mainly involve getting to hang out with like minded people, sharing tips on diving, travel and all the good things about having the same hobby. However being exposed to all the coolest and newest gear to hit the shelves means that more often than not temptation overtakes what is practical and I end up working for free to pay off the ever mounting piles of scuba gear that has now taken over my laundry.

This week Carolyn got involved in the action too! She popped into Pro Dive Coogee on Saturday afternoon and purchased a new BCD. She opted for the same as mine seeing as I am constantly singing its praises. A super comfortable not to mention stylish mares hybrid she dives along with a tusa analogue gauge. This means that along with my old mares primary, octopus and first stage she now has a complete set of gear! No more rental equipment, wahoo!!

As for me, well it’s getting to the point that I’m boarder line hoarding now! I invested in a full sharkskin suit as well as sharkskin shorts and vest with the tropics in mind. I also couldn’t resist getting new luggage for my many upcoming trips. I purchased the latest version of the mares cruise backpack pro. This is lighter than the old version I currently have so will get me an extra couple of kilograms toward my weight limit when flying. Which I will most certainly need if my purchasing habits maintain this rate.

And as if that wasn’t enough I’m waiting on an order to come in from aquanaut for an ikelite tray and handle as well as a W20 wide angle lens for our ultra compact housing that we only got a month or so ago. I knew this whole photography thing was going to be a huge can of worms, but perhaps a can very worth opening so all our wonderful readers get to see the images we are lucky enough to experience in the deep blue.

Big thanks to Matt (aka ‘Special Orders Man’) for helping us out  🙂

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