There’s not really a lot we can say for the HMAS Terrigal.

Well, in Twist’s words ‘It was shit’. But that’s biased.

Unfortunately, the day we went the waves were bumpy, the sea was churning and terrible vis, and the fishies were hidden away.

If you’re in Sydney, it’s actually not a bad run to make it a day trip from town. We simply got up early Sunday morning, jumped in Geoffrey (the trusty Nissan Micra), and in an hour and a bit we were there.

Terrigal’s quite resorty itself, in a bit of an 80’s mini break kind of way.

We’ll maybe try again one day, I wonder though if maybe in 10 years it might be better – it’s not been scuttled that long, so there wasn’t a lot of resident fish or vegetation.

But again, the weather was against us, so I’m holding no ill will towards to the HMAS Adelaide!