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Everything on Surface Intervals is from our dive experiences, at the age and experience of the time. So don’t expect hard facts, or take for granted that if we say one place is the best dive spot in the world, it in fact, is. 

We may just have been having good day.

Kristy at Carolyn, Egypt 2013

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Lady Elliot Island, Australia – June 2014

Lady Elliot Island, Australia – June 2014

Off the Queensland Coast, Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort is a little eco island that’s known for its turtle hatchery (Turtles! Carolyn’s favourite creature, remember!?), manta rays (another favourite!) and passing migrating whales (whoa!).
So being the year of Trans-Tasman-Twins-Turn-Thirty-Three, it was the perfect location to head for a week-long winter escape…

Pro Dive Sydney, Australia

Pro Dive Sydney, Australia

Home sweet home! When you have diving right on your doorstep it is very easy to get complacent.  Likewise when you are lucky enough to get to travel to tropical locations on a regular basis, you sometimes forget to appreciate what is right in front of you. Sydney...

Terrigal: HMAS Adelaide, Australia – September 2013

Terrigal: HMAS Adelaide, Australia – September 2013

There's not really a lot we can say for the HMAS Terrigal. Well, in Twist's words 'It was shit'. But that's biased. Unfortunately, the day we went the waves were bumpy, the sea was churning and terrible vis, and the fishies were hidden away. If you're in Sydney, it's...

Great Barrier Reef

The world’s largest coral reef system comprising of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands stretching 2,600 kilometres along the Queensland coast in an area of 344,400 square kilometres the Great Barrier Reef is a little large to have under one listing, so we’re...

Neptune Islands, Australia – November 2012

Sharks make me happy. They are the most beautiful, fascinating, graceful fish in the ocean and I am completely and utterly obsessed. This obsession was created by your regular reef, grey nurse, port jackson and wobbegong sharks so the thought of getting to dive with...

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So we don’t forget the amazing places we’d like to go, even if life distracts us from diving for years