A foreword from Carolyn:


Following a quick, though laboured-upon email quitting my job, and some last-minute flight rearrangements, it was off to the Philippines I went, with my newfound world-friend Jenni.

It’s handy travelling with someone who’s on a world trip and has spent months thinking about travel plans, so, discovering the wonders of the small area of the Philippines called Palawan was a breeze.

Palawan forms the western side of the Philippines, nearly blending into Borneo at its most south-west.

The environment is pretty spectacular, from the thermoclines of Barracuda Lake near Coron and the underground river near Puerto Princesa, to the sheer cliff faces of El Nido and the white-sanded specs of islands in Honda Bay.

Someday soon we’ll be able to add more of the Philippines to this site – one can only hope…


El Nido, Philippines – June 2012

El Nido, Philippines – June 2012

Jamaican paradise. That’s my impression on El Nido. I’m not sure you’d go to El Nido purely for the diving, but for a holiday including diving, it’s perfect. In off-season. (I rather liked the lack of tourists, made me feel special). El Nido’s a relatively small town,...

Coron, Philippines – May 2012

Coron, Philippines – May 2012

Wrecks wrecks wrecks. Coron is on the Island of Busuanga, in Palawan – so, a little off the beaten track. To get there wasn’t hard – short flight from Manila to Busuanga airport (not much more than a tin shed in a paddock) and then a...

One day I’ll get back to the Philippines – so many place to see, so many people to meet.


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