This summer has been a revelation – how wonderful it is to have a full dive kit!


Gordon’s Bay

Being able to simply jump in the car, stopping only to pick up a tank from our local dive shop, Pro Dive Coogee, and be in the water at a time of our own choosing has been awesome. Living with your dive buddy certainly helps in this respect also.

In the past month, we’ve covered off Camp Cove, Bare Island, and Gordon’s Bay – and weather willing would’ve been to more.


The added bonus of this freedom has been AVOIDING THE CROWDS. Brought keenly into focus on our Gordon’s Bay dive, where we were underwater for an hour and saw only two divers, but when we surfaced, saw that their were at least 30 divers bobbing on the surface ready to descend. Our ‘get there early’, ‘get in without faffing’ approach certainly paid off in having the pool to ourselves so we could hang out with out fishie friends (see below!).


Of course, with great freedom comes great responsibility (or something like that) – we do need to then wash up everything once we get home, but with a backyard, big bucket, and two sets of hands, we’ve got the system down. And confusing the jeepers out of Kitty is an added bonus.